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Domestic Partnerships

Diligent & Cost-Effective Advocacy for Domestic Partners

Domestic partnerships are available to same-sex couples and certain opposite-sex couples. If that partnership fails, they also need advocacy to dissolve the partnership at the mediation table or in trial. The Sacramento Law Office of Mark Grotewohl possesses the resources needed to start or dissolve a domestic partnership in this still evolving area of family law.

Domestic partnerships, same sex marriages and civil unions often generate prominent stories in the news. Most articles involve legalization of the process and the rights of same sex couples. But what happens when that relationship is at an end? Contact our Sacramento County firm at 916.265.2694.

Helping Couples Form Domestic Partnerships

At the Law Office of Mark Grotewohl, we see same sex couples who are interested in formalizing their relationship and becoming domestic partners. We help them with the process to establish a legal union. Conversely, those couples also need help when the relationship simply isn't working out.

When Domestic Partners Seek Divorce

In dissolving a domestic partnership, you need an experienced divorce attorney to mediate or litigate the issues of the divorce or legal separation. Regardless of sexual orientation, many of the issues in a domestic partnership dissolution are the same as in a formal marriage between a man and a woman. Child custody and visitation can become a heated issue. Property division and financial support can make the "divorce" contentious, resulting in the possibility of courtroom litigation.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a domestic partnership, please contact us.

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